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Friends of Old Maui High School is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the historic campus of Maui High School in Hamakuapoko.

The Spirit Lives On!

The volunteer, non-profit Friends of Old Maui High School was organized in 2004 to rescue Maui’s historic school from years of neglect and deterioration and restore it to prominence as an historical landmark.

The Friend’s board of directors partner with business, government and community leaders, Maui High School alumni, volunteers, and preservation specialists to build support, secure funding, and promote education to inform the public about this important Maui landmark.

The Friends of Old Maui High School invite you to join them in their goal to preserve the historic school which gave inspiration to thousands of students; bringing social, economic and cultural benefits to our county, state and nation.

Please Note: The campus of Old Maui High School is owned by the State of Hawaii and the County of Maui, and is managed by the County of Maui Department of Parks and Recreation. The campus is not a park, and is not open to the public.



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