OMHS Centenial 2013

The first Edition of MAUI HI-NOTES SUPPLEMENT was published by students in 1938 to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Maui High School at Hamakuapoko. This Silver Edition was followed, in 1963, by the student-published Golden Anniversary Edition of the MAUI HI-NOTES SUPPLEMENT, to “remind alumni of their glorious past and show the students of today their fine heritage.” Florence Takaki, editor-in-chief, Hi-Notes Supplement, 1963.

Now, to mark the 100th anniversary of Maui High School, the MHS Hamakuapoko Centennial Committee and Friends of Old Maui High School have updated and expanded the 1963 Edition to include annual pages to 1972, with additional material and Centennial information.

This limited-edition Centennial publication details and honors the deeds and experiences of tens of thousands of MHS students and school faculty and staff at the original Hamakuapoko Campus, from 1913 until 1972.

It will be offered for sale at the MHS Centennial Celebration at Hamakuapoko, September 13-15, 2013.

“May it awaken fond memories and help keep alive the regard that so many hold for their alma mater.” Riley Ewing, MHS Principal, 1954-1963.

S H A R E  Y O U R  S A B E R  S P I R I T !

Advertising specs for the 2013 Centennial Edition of MAUI HI-NOTES SUPPLEMENT

Ad Size Dimension Rate

Full page 5”w x 8” h $ 800.00
Half page 5”w x 4” h 400.00
1/4 page 5”w x 2” h 200.00
1/8 page 2½” w x 2” h 100.00
Back Cover 5”w x 8” h 2,000.00
Inside Cover 5”w x 8” h 1,000.00

One color – inside pages — black; covers — blue

DEADLINE: Copy AND Payment: June 30, 2013.

The Centennial Hi-NOTES SUPPLEMENT will be 5½” x 8½” with glossy Blue & White cover and 88 pages of text, photos and advertising.

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